Monday, May 9, 2011

San Sebastian Spanish Programs for All Ages

Spain is one of our busiest countries of choice during the Summer months. San Sebastian is a location to consider for those students that want a European adventure, great weather, and a vibrant culture. Our Spanish school offers multiple types of program for all ages. Starting at ages 5 and up we offer a children's camp during key dates in the Summer, that can run in conjunction with the standard adult courses. 

Entire families have studied at our school and stayed with a host family or through one of the school's great apartments. We also have a program for unaccompanied teen which offers a full package of courses, host family accommodations, 3 meals per day, activities, and excursions. This too can be arranged in tandem with the parents taking the adult Spanish immersion courses.

We also have many professionals and retirees study in the beautiful city of San Sebastian as most people love a beach location. The surrounding green natural countryside combined with a comfortable European city draw in people from all ilks. Below you can fine the overview of our school, as well as key details about the city. Utilize zoom features at the bottom for easy viewing. 

Spanish Abroad - Spanish School in San Sebastian Spain

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