Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Student Comments: Spanish Immersion in Montevideo, Uruguay

One of our long time customers was kind enough to provide us with some feedback on his experience at the Spanish immersion program in Montevideo. Here are Frank's comments: 

"I really need to let you know that I had a wondrous 4 weeks in Montevideo. Very importantly I can recommend the school, to others who may want to immerse themselves in Spanish. The school’s staff were extremely supportive, accommodating, and very approachable. The director was very gracious with her time, because her door was always open to the students. It was great getting to know her family in the outings to the Gaucho ranch or local restaurants. That was a nice personal touch. I loved the teachers, especially Juan & Virginia –they were so engaging and knowledgeable. I felt really comfortable and always looked forward to their classes.

The only complaint that I did get about the facility in Uruguay was from several students who chose to use the school as a residence. That was the issue of ants. Any food left in rooms was ravaged by them. But my family accommodations were great. I was made to feel at home."