Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Choosing the Best Summer Spanish Camp

There are many Spanish camps to choose from in Latin America and Spain. The key factor is choosing a location and school that you know will meet the needs of your child. Spanish Abroad has been offering teen programs for over a decade now and our representatives know all of the ins and out of the various programs that are available.

We pride ourselves on recommending programs based on the individual needs of our clients. Some students prefer a more natural environment while others would like a fast paced urban atmosphere. There are three particular teen Spanish programs that have stood out over the years as offering the best overall experience giving the varying need of our teen customers. These locations include Sevilla and San Sebastian in Spain as well as San Jose in Costa Rica. The schools have provided consistent quality in terms of instructors, host families, and a well rounded social/activity program.

The directors at these three locations have stood out as providing exemplary service whenever a teen brings up any issue that effects their overall impression of the program. This is an important factor as some teens can be homesick soon after arrival or may experience some culture shock as this could be their first time in a foreign country. By providing immediate followup with any problem a teen may have, the school immediately alleviates any apprehension they have.

San Sebastian has been an easy recommendation for someone that wants to study in Spain. The city is a beautiful town with outstanding cultural roots in its Basque community, as well as a cooler climate during the Summer compared with the rest of Spain. The school is part of International House so they have very specific requirements that need to be met in order to remain a member of this prestigious organization of Schools. Our Spanish school in Sevilla also meets the necessary criteria  to be a member and have amazing facilities. They are located right in the heart of the city and are a great choice for those students that want to be in a more moderate sized city in the outstanding Andalucian region of Spain.

Our San Jose Teen Program in Costa Rica is an entire world away. The school is located in the quaint residential suburb of Santo Domingo de Heredia. The teens are close enough to the major sites of the city, but at the same time far enough away from the hustle and bustle to be in a safe environment. This also provides for host families being within close walking distance to the school. The San Jose, Costa Rica program is perfect for those teens that want to be able to go on more nature based activities including visits to beaches, volcanoes, and nature parks. It also lends itself to being a safe Latin American alternative to Spain. 

In the end we want to choose a Teen Spanish Program that is perfect for the person attending. There are many choices out there, so we want to be able to talk with the teen and their parents to see what is the best fit for them. You can call and talk to any representative at 1-888-722-7623, and discuss all of the options available. The 3 locations described here may not be the perfect choice either and we have  10 other teen Summer locations to choose from. We also just started offering a Teen Summer Spanish Camp in Cadiz, Spain through the same institution that offers our Summer Program in Sevilla. We are excited to offer this new location with the knowledge that the camp will be operated in the same manner and expertise as one of our best Teen programs. 

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