Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Fermin Festival: Wooly Bully

The running of the bulls is definitely an experience to be had. Just one week ago today two participants were gored during their efforts to run from the wooly beasts. We present the great hit from the 60's "Wooly Bully" to honor their brave feat in participating in the festivities in Pamplona. Go ahead hit play now, you know you want to.

The song was actually written by a Mexican American out of Houston who gives a quick Spanish lesson in the first verse. Perhaps this was a nod to his Hispanic descent and subsequent longing to run with the bulls or the two could be completely unrelated. You be the judge from the songs lyrics.

Just to keep on track Runners World had a great interview with one of the bulls from the event and learned his great training secrets. To beat the bull, you must know his tricks. Read up at Runner's World so you can practice for next year. 

Photo by Jim Hobbs
The San Fermin Festival is a 9 day affair, so strident sprinting from beastly bovine is just one of the obscene activities that you may endure in the beautiful Basque city. Too bad you missed it this year, we just wanted to rub it in. Plan better and you can combine this experience with a Spanish immersion experience in Pamplona or the stunning coastal Basque town of San Sebastian. You will have to pay for the bus ticket to Pamplona from here or just hoof it.  

WARNING: Running with Bulls is Dangerous. These are Massive Truck Sized Animals with Sharp Bones Covered in Keratin Projecting from their Heads, which can cause Irreparable Harm to All Portions of your Anatomy. Spanish Abroad does not Condone Exercise Activities, which may Result in Additional Hole Development or Bone Crushing Stompage. 

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