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If you are a parent or teen and would like an exclusive website specifically for our Teen Programs, then we have you covered. We now have full coverage of our Summer Spanish immersion programs that are offered  in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain at 

Alhambra - Granada Spain
We have done our best to provide a very customer friendly browsing experience that allows you to quickly find the information you need based on the location of interest. Perhaps you don't quite know where you or your teen (parents) wants to study, our new format allows you to quickly browse the information that is of interest to you for a quick comparison. Below is a glimpse at the different options in Spain. Here you can get a quick overview to compare each city and if you want to read more, simply click on the link provided at the bottom of the page.

Many students people ask us, "Where should I study". A lot of times, it is simply a process of elimination to see which location sparks your interest the most. In general our teen programs are similar in what they offer, however the sites and distinct living experience of a city can be drastically different from one location to the next. Of course if you already know where you want to study, we offer a quick drop down for city selection under each city. 

We take great strides to provide all parents and teens with full details on any program prior to the start of their Spanish immersion adventure. The new website is dedicated to those that have a very specific time in which to study and need to prepare what is typically a first time experience. Things are starting to fill up, but we still have space in all of our teen programs, it is not too late to start researching now and getting things lined up at:

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