Sunday, April 10, 2011

Volunteer While Learning Spanish Abroad

Many of our students want to give a helping hand while they are not taking classes. We are very particular about the locations that we offer volunteer programs as we want our students' expectations to be met when they choose a Spanish and Volunteer option. 

Our top choices for this arrangement are in Oaxaca, Mexico; Antigua, Guatemala; and Cusco, Peru. The typical placement fee for adding a volunteer project to your Spanish immersion program is an additional $60-$100 for your entire stay. This fee goes to the school and project to cover administrative costs and donations to help out with materials and other associated costs with running the project. The volunteer options typically including helping out with underprivileged children or the elderly. Such activities include teaching English, sports or game organization, reading, or just general socializing. 

We often get the question if students can volunteer in exchange for courses or why do I have to pay to volunteer? These are valid questions, but we simply offer these options as a supplement to the standard program, so that you can help out and have an enriching experience, helping out the local community. The ability to practice your Spanish in an everyday setting is also an additional benefit that you will not be able to gain in an alternative setting. 

The volunteer program typically requires that you study Spanish for at least two weeks before helping out in a local orphanage, school, elderly home or other organization. This gives the instructors an idea as to your language abilities. Most volunteer projects require a 2-4 week commitment. If you are interested in volunteering while studying in Oaxaca, Antigua, or Cusco, simply make note at the time of registration and let us know the type of volunteering in which you would like to participate. We try to make it a simple process for our students. 

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